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8 Surprising Facts about Alexander the Great

Various sources claim that Alexander untied the knot but none makes it clear how he did so. Some believe he simply slashed it with his sword. As Alexander rampaged from west to east, he celebrated each conquered land by founding a city.

There was one city, however, that Alexander did name something else. The young Alexander, of course, tamed him — and went on to ride his beloved equine companion into many battles. When Bucephalus died after the Battle of the Hydaspes, the distraught Alexander founded a city and named it after him. Sign up to receive our newsletter! Already have an account with us?

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Subscribe to History Revealed Magazine today. Subscribe now. You may also like. Alexander himself openly called himself Son of Zeus during a visit to Siwah in B. After six years of ever-deeper incursions into the Persian empire, in A.

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Alexander conquered Persepolis, the longtime center of Persian culture. Realizing that the best way to maintain control of the Persians was to act like one, Alexander began to wear the striped tunic, girdle and diadem of Persian royal dress—to the dismay of cultural purists back in Macedonia.

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In he held a mass wedding in the Persian city of Susa, in which he forced 92 leading Macedonians to take Persian wives Alexander himself married two, Stateira and Parysatis. In B. Alexander the Great fell ill after downing a bowl of wine at a party.

Alexander the Great in Fact and Fiction

Two weeks later, the year-old ruler was dead. In modern times, medical experts have speculated that malaria, lung infection, liver failure or typhoid fever may have done Alexander in. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

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