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Antithyroidal properties of Lithospermum officinale and related plants. Differences in the pharmacodynamic effects of freeze dried plant extracts against hypophyseal and thyroid hormones in the rat. Antihormonal effects of plant extracts on hypophyseal hormones in the rat. Interaction of different plant ingredients with hypothalamic-hypophyseal hormones in the rat. Effect of acute and chronic application of antihormonal plant extracts. Further investigations on the mechanism of action of freeze dried extracts of Lithospermum officinale L.

Influence of plant extracts on pituitary-thyroid interplay and peripheral thyroid hormone metabolism. Zur antigonadotropen und antithyreotropen Wirkung von Pflanzenextrakten. Influence of different buffer systems on the accuracy of thyroid hormone determination.

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The predictive value of animal experiences in the detection of side effects of drugs on thyroid function in men. The value of screening methods for the detection of thyroid "side-effects". On the radioimmunological determination of thyroid hormones. May Sourgens H. Davie, Se Fowles, R. Kumar, U. Lang, M. Wargenau, H. Sourgens: Sertraline, like other SSRIs, is a significant inhibitor of desipramine metabolism in vivo.

Pue, A. Fairless, R. Hucker, H. Collie, H. Allen, H.

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Sourgens, Fe. Greb, M. Brett, H. Collie, J. Kurth: Pharmacokinetics of granisetron BRL A in man before and after enzyme induction by phenobarbital. Jekat, H. Sourgens and F. Kemper: Effects of maternal tryptophan and caffeine exposure on fetal development in relation to thyroid activity in the rat. Jekat, F.

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Kemper: Perinatal effects of maternal caffeine exposure in relation to thyroid activity in the rat. Kemper: Fetal thyroid gland morphology in iodine deficiency and after treatment with thyroid hormone agonists. Lerp and F. Kemper: The impact of the hair dye component 2,4-diaminoanisole on thyroid gland functions and its regulation. Sourgens and G. Uthe-Kassenbrock: Adverse effects of UV-filters on the thyroid gland. Sourgens and E.

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Lerp: Black thyroid syndrome due to the hair dye component 2,4-diaminoanisole and its relation to hormonal changes in the rat. Herold and F. Kemper: Role of Iodide and Thyroid Hormones in fetal lung maturation in the rat. Sourgens, H. Bertram, C.

Kemper: Lead exposure and endocrine functions: Impact on the hypophyseal-gonadal axis and the pituitarythyroid system. Welim, I. Hentze and F. Kemper: TSH-stimulated secretion and its relation to thyroid function in the rat. Kemper: Interference of cinnamic acid derivatives and Lycopus europ. Kemper: A Pharmacological approach to the inhibition of the thyroidal secretion. Welim, H.

Winterhoff and F.


Kemper: Physiological and pharmacological regulation of thyroidal secretion in the rat. Wittkowski, K. Hoffmann, H. Sourgens and M. Volkenandt: Influence of photoperiod on morphology and immunoreactivity of hypophysial pars tuberalis of the Djungarian Hamster, Phodopus Sungorus. Borges and F. Kemper: Inhibition of endocytosis in highly stimulated thyroid follicles in vivo. Kemper: Morphologic effects of the hair-dye component 2,4 diaminoanisole on the rat thyroid and its relation to hormonal changes. Kemper: Fetal lung maturity and thyroid hormone status.

Weischer and F. Kemper: Effects of the hair-dye component 2,4-diaminoanisole on the endocrine system and behavior. Kemper: Adverse effects of the hair-dye component 2,4-diaminoanisole on the thyroid gland of the rat. Kemper: The relative merits of prolactin-determinations in toxicological routine studies in the rat.

Gumbinger Und F. Staib, F.

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Kemper, V. Loewenich, M.

Bielicki and M. Kemper: Benefit-risk-assessment of povidone-iodine PVP-J as hygienic desinfectant in geographic areas of iodine deficiency. Sourgens, V. Sosa, F.

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Winternitz, H. Gumbinger, H. Winterhoff, H. Kemper: Investigations on the structure-function-relationship and the antigonadotropic activity of phenolic compounds. Kolodziej and F. Kemper: Effects of Lycopus europaeus extracts on the serotoninergic transmission of TSH- and Prolactin release in the rat. Kemper: The thyroidal secretion inhibiting effect of thyroid hormone metabolites, plant constituants and Lithium chloride can be abolished by subsequent TSH-application.

Staib, V.