Fundamentals of Error-Correcting Codes

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Analog Signal Processing. Ideal Circuit Elements. Ideal and Real-World Circuit Elements. Electric Circuits and Interconnection Laws. Kirchhof's Current Law Exercise 3. Power Dissipation in Resistor Circuits Exercise 3. Exercise 3. Series and Parallel Circuits Exercise 3. Example 3. Equivalent Circuits: Resistors and Sources Exercise 3. Circuits with Capacitors and Inductors. The Impedance Concept.

Time and Frequency Domains Example 3. Power in the Frequency Domain Exercise 3. Equivalent Circuits: Impedances and Sources Example 3. Transfer Functions Exercise 3. Designing Transfer Functions Example 3.

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Power Conservation in Circuits. Dependent Sources. Operational Amplifiers. Inverting Amplifier. Active Filters Example 3. The Diode. Analog Signal Processing Problems Problem 3. Problem 3.

Figure 3. Solutions to Exercises in Chapter 3. Frequency Domain. Introduction to the Frequency Domain. Complex Fourier Series Exercise 4. Example 4. Exercise 4. Classic Fourier Series Exercise 4. A Signal's Spectrum Exercise 4. Fourier Series Approximation of Signals Exercise 4.

Encoding Information in the Frequency Domain Exercise 4. Filtering Periodic Signals Example 4. Derivation of the Fourier Transform Example 4. Linear Time Invariant Systems Example 4. Transfer Functions.

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Commutative Transfer Functions. Modeling the Speech Signal Exercise 4. Frequency Domain Problems Problem 4. Problem 4.

Fundamentals of Error-Correcting Codes

Solutions to Exercises in Chapter 4. Digital Signal Processing. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing.

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Introduction to Computer Organization. Computer Architecture. Representing Numbers Exercise 5. Exercise 5. Computer Arithmetic and Logic Exercise 5.

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The Sampling Theorem. Analog-to-Digital Conversion. The Sampling Theorem Exercise 5. Amplitude Quantization Exercise 5. Discrete-Time Signals and Systems. Symbolic Signals. Discrete-Time Systems. DFT: Computational Complexity. Discrete-Time Systems in the Time-Domain. Discrete-Time Systems in the Frequency Domain. Filtering in the Frequency Domain. Efficiency of Frequency-Domain Filtering. Discrete-Time Filtering of Analog Signals. Digital Signal Processing Problems. Solutions to Exercises in Chapter 5. Information Communication. Types of Communication Channels. Wireline Channels. Wireless Channels. Line-of-Sight Transmission. The Ionosphere and Communications. Communication with Satellites. Noise and Interference. Channel Models. Baseband Communication. Modulated Communication. Digital Communication. Binary Phase Shift Keying. Frequency Shift Keying. Digital Communication Receivers. Digital Communication in the Presence of Noise. Digital Communication System Properties. Digital Channels. Source Coding Theorem. Cary Huffman , Vera Pless.