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This user would like to thank bigblue2 for this useful post: Uncle Max. Mine was sent to me by email from the prospective recruiter and it stated " Do not use a calculator or discuss these questions with anyone else to obtain answers". Well trying to make my partner look the other way was so difficult. In my experience only employers who are not confident that they can distinguish a good candidate from a bad candidate from their CV and the interview resort to ANY kind of written or oral "test".

That being said, I find such tests fun to take, so long as they tell you the results, sometimes you learn something interesting about yourself. But that also being said, if you don't get the job, you'll never find out what the results of the tests were anyway, so if you're really that curious about yourself, just take the test on your own, for yourself. I hate companies that treat any job candidate or the job application process as a kind of "dance, monkey, dance!

Constructing Examinations From Calibrated Items

Tests of any kind is a kind of pointless hoop you have to jump through to please them, especially because typically most companies don't even themselves know what they're looking for in a candidate in the first place anyway, so they can't really interpret the tests results in a meaningful way at any rate. I had to do a load of them just after graduation. Contrary to what the experts said, it is definitely possible to improve with practice.

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Maybe things have changed in the last twenty years, but I doubt it. I never used them when I was a hiring manager. I can't imagine how HR folks can rely on those. I guess they are like a security blanket Somebody close is a psy profiler that for a long time as a psychologist actually created these tests for a headhunting company and different subcontracting HR depts. He had to make valid tests, always different depending on the needs of the company hiring.

Psychometric Tests by Employer - JobTestPrep

I have to say, the way it was done made complete sense. The test was only a part of the whole assessment, though, and there were a few tests, incl oral psy assessment interviews, etc. No matter what your credentials sometimes say, your CV does not have to say much about your actual aptitude, nor your grades in school, experience can also be faked on paper, there are so many ways to cheat. If a company wants to use them, pays for the whole shtick and there are people willing to test their aptitude in order to get that specific job, I say why not. But I also know there are a bunch of companies that will use nonvalid tests, or tests that are actually created for testing something else, just to make the filter tighter, or use one kind of "general" or "IQ" or "logic" tests that are often good for nothing.

There are books, however, on how to prepare for those kind of generic tests, and as somebody said before, one can learn all those tricks to score higher, it takes a practice to get better, one really can get better in them. All those tests are properly calculated. There are many different ones, and they can be informative; I am quite familiar with many, among them the Disc approach, the Johary window caliper is an iteration imho , Myers-Brigg, Belbin, etc etc However, I have a personal bone with using them in hiring procedures.

What Is the Hospitality and Travel Industry?

Without knowing the person, the test interpretation is not much better than studying their horoscope. They become meaningless if not harmful if taken out of the context of the person, preventing using common sense and person-to-person skills to get to know the candidate and selecting the best one; sometimes it even biaises the first impression, preventing effective hiring. I remember being involved in the appointment of a buying manager for a company. We interviewed many people for the job and found the person that we believed was the ideal candidate for the job.

This happend on three of the candidates that we were willing to employ for the position. Uncle Max. Only if you as prospective employer agree to take the same one and we can compare each others results. In full.

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Not into that idea? In the PGW was produced exclusively table ware. The shapes of the vessels are to a large extent taken over from the Terra Sigillata resp. The vessels have a fine paste, a slip and are fired at the beginning of production, in most cases in a reducing atmosphere.

But from the beginning oxidized fired pieces also appeared; their portion is - regionally scattered - increasing in the 3rd century. A number of the vessels are decorated in a for typical PGW way with stamps either inside at the base or outside; most of them, however are undecorated. The basis of the investigations into the PGW are the finds, which were unearthened at the excavations conducted by H.

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Stiglitz in the auxiliary fort of Carnuntum. The finds of the "Steinkastell I" and the over it lying levelling layer give a representative view of the PGW in the second third of the 2nd century in the area of Carnuntum.

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  • On the basis of the finds published here, a open classification-system was created, so that it can be expanded with further finds, which are until now only known from unpublished locations or from other publications. Petrographic and heavy mineral analysis, which were carried out by R. Sauer, showed that the vessels of fabric 2, 3 and 5 were probably produced in the area of Carnuntum. Apart from the emphasis on north-western Pannonia, which results from the basis of the finds of Carnuntum, a summary is given of the spectrum of the PGW, the potter's stamps, workshops and finds from dated locations in eastern and south-western Pannonia.

    A short discourse on the stamped ceramics found in south-eastern Pannonia, Moesia and Dacia completes the picture.


    Since then, many prognostic and predictive studies have been published on this topic, mainly focusing on one single molecular marker. The aim of the e-book is to summarize the knowledge in from a multidisciplinary point of view that can potentially be used as a manual by CRC researchers in every field. Export citation Choose an application Reference Manager EndNote RefWorks Direct export to RefWorks Abstract Despite the richness of its facets, the short religious epic has been largely neglected by scholars until now.

    This study explores this literary phenomenon using a multi-perspectival descriptive model. Extensive detailed case studies provide basic information and present the genre in its broader literary historical and systematic context. KIT Scientific Publishing 5. Frontiers Media SA 4. ANU Press 1. Coimbra University Press 1.

    De Gruyter 1. Presses universitaires de Provence 1. Springer 1. Description This book is a series of case studies with a common theme.

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