Integral Transforms and Their Applications

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The use of integral transforms.

Integral Transforms and their Applications

Some new delay integral inequalities and their applications. An introduction to BEM by integral transforms. This Symposium mined out to be very successful. This success continued in and when similar conferences were organized in Aachen and Mannheim, :espectively.

All conferences are mainly concerned with theoretical subjects with less emphasis on the applications of Operations Research. The Symposium held in Mannheim was focussed on the following subjects: 1 continuous optimization, 2 discrete optimization, 3 applied stochastics, statistics and econometrics, 4 mathematical economics, 5 applications.

All contributions appearing in the proceedings were refereed. As a result the proceedings mainly consist of high-level contributions.

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Almost all papers stem from authors attached to universities or other research institutions; very few contributions were provided by authors concerned with applications of OR models in industry and government. For that reason the proceedings can be recommended firmly to all OR scientists who are primarily interested in recent theoretical developments.

For OR practitioners working in an industrial environment the proceedings are probably of less interest. Unfortunately the price of the prdceedings is very inattractive or even prohibitive for all who are interested in the subjects covered by the Symposium. It consists of four parts: I.

The Laplace transform; II. The Fourier transform; IIl. Other important transforms, viz. Special techniques, viz. Muskhelishvili , Laplace's method the construction of solutions of ordinary linear differential equatiom Using a generalized inversion formula , numerical inversion on Laplace transforms.

Laplace Transforms and Their Basic Properties.

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Applications of Laplace Transforms. Fractional Calculus and Its Applications.

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Hankel Transforms and Their Applications. Mellin Transforms and Their Applications.

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  • Hilbert and Stieltjes Transforms. Finite Fourier Sine and Cosine Transforms.

    Local Fractional Integral Transforms and Their Applications

    Z Transforms. Finite Hankel Transforms. Legendre Transforms. Jacobi and Gegenbauer Transforms. Laguerre Transforms.

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    Hermite Transforms. The Radon Transform and Its Applications. Wavelets and Wavelet Transforms.