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Indicators of price movement and volume on a stock can be a helpful tool to enhance your stock chart style. Here are the key indicators to focus on:. As you develop and perfect your stock charting styles, you need to make use of the information you find in the charts to help you focus on what is happening in the market. For example, charts can help you. Picking the right stocks is the goal of every stock chart user. You can improve your stock picking results by tracking these key items in a journal:.

Cheat Sheet. Identifying the Key Attributes for Your Stock Chart Style Personalizing your stock charts to make it easier for you to read them can improve your ability to track your portfolio and pick stocks. Here are some key attributes you want to consider: Chart type: You must choose the type of chart you want, such as candlestick, bar, line, or area. Period: You must choose a period for your chart. The period you choose depends on the decision you want to make. Periods include monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or by a set number of minutes.

Range: You must choose the range for your chart, which can be as little as one day or as long as ten years.

Precious Metals Investing For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))

Color scheme: You can choose a color scheme for your chart. One common difference is to set one color for up days and a different color for down days. You can choose the colors that make it easier for you to read and use the charts.

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  • After you factor it all in, you may make a profit of. Now there are traders out there who make some great profits and even a good living at it. As for me. Being in a full-time business and helping to raise my two young boys means that trading is not right for me. Successful trading takes a lot if you are going to make it work.

    Technical Analysis for Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance)) (3rd) [Paperback]

    I prefer speculating because I can do all of my homework and make a few transactions such as buying that small stock with great potential or getting a long-dated option on, say, a silver futures contract and then wait for the fireworks. This has worked better for me. Chapter 3: The Beauty and Benefits of Metals The benefits of speculating As I have mentioned before, speculating is akin to financial gambling, but if you do your homework, you can greatly increase the odds in your favor.

    It is possible to take a small amount of risk capital and parlay it into a much larger sum.

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    During — virtually everyone of my long-term clients either made good money or great money. Many think that to turn a small sum into a great sum that you need more leverage. Not really; you can utilize vehicles that have leverage with the risk of leverage such as options. Futures is a great area for speculating and I certainly cover futures in Chapter 14 , but my favorite for speculating is options. Futures carry risk beyond your purchase price. This is why it is important that besides knowing the benefits of speculating you should understand the risks before you begin transacting.

    For those who want to speculate with unlimited profits while limiting risk and loss, consider options. I love options and I get into greater details on them in Chapter This equation states that if you want a greater return on your investment, then you have to tolerate greater risk. Precious metals guard or hedge against risks that can hurt conventional stocks, bonds, or other fixed-rate vehicles. A good example of the value of, say, gold or silver is what happened in Zimbabwe in On paper almost everyone is a millionaire but most people are really poor!

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    Gee, that might encourage some of their citizens to. As incredible as that hyper-inflation was, it is actually not an odd example because it also recently occurred in Argentina and Serbia and numerous times across history. In this chapter, you not only get the chance to check out what types of risks are associated with precious metals investing, but you also find ways to minimize those risks. What Risk Means to You Before I make you paranoid about risk, keep in mind that it is ubiquitous and just a normal part not only in building wealth but also in living life. Heck, just getting out of bed in the morning could pose a problem.

    Technical Analysis for Dummies 3rd Edition Book

    It just means that if you have gold in physical form then you have to understand that having it has risks as does owning any valuable property. You have to keep it safe. For some that means keeping your physical metal such as gold, silver, and platinum possessions in a safe-deposit box at the bank. For others it means in a secure hiding place at home. You have to decide. Gold as a physical holding means you need to be concerned about the risk of loss or theft. Removing some risk always means common sense.

    Market risk Market risk may be the most prevalent risk associated with gold. Market risk refers to the fact that whenever you buy an asset physical, common stock, and so on its price is subject to the ups and downs of the marketplace.

    In gold, as in many investments, the price can fluctuate and it could do so very significantly. What if you buy today but tomorrow there are more sellers than buyers in the gold market? Then obviously the price of gold would go down. The essence of market risk in commodities such as precious metals is supply and demand. Chapter 4: Recognizing the Risks Another element of market risk can occur when you are involved in a thinly traded market — in other words, there may not be that many buyers and sellers involved.

    This is also called liquidity risk. This can happen, for example, in futures. Although futures are usually a liquid market an adequate pool of buyers and sellers there may be some aspects of it when it might not be that liquid. Say that you want to sell a futures contract that you recently bought that is not an actively traded contract. What if there are no buyers when you want to sell? Your order to sell through the broker may sit there for a long time.

    The sale price of the contract would drop and you would lose some gain or even end up with a loss. Be sure to communicate with the broker regarding how active that particular market is. It is probably appropriate to place in this segment the market risk of mining stocks. The stock of mining companies certainly can go up and down like most any other publicly traded stock. Stock investors can sell stock when they see or expect problems with the company. If, for example, you are considering a gold-mining company, the risk to consider is more that just the fact that it is into gold and the commensurate market risks with gold itself.

    Also consider the company. Is management doing a good job? Is the company profitable? Are sales increasing? How about their earnings?

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    Do they have too much debt. Mining stocks are covered in Chapter Exchange risk This one sounds odd.

    What the heck is exchange risk? The exchange can either purposely or accidentally encourage market outcomes by changing the rules and regulations on an ongoing basis. Silver was rallying nicely as speculators were buying into silver futures contracts.