The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism

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Rebecca T. I still wonder, for example, how shameless exploration of what is probably the most Ner-David might explain why a woman who does not common sexual activity, which Alpert reminds us has have a period due to pregnancy, menopause, a medi- many names. One can only hope that liberation, as some of us might wish that they had.

Premarital Sex, Judaism's view..

Eden describes an article. Ruttenberg of Songs, on the other hand, deals with idealized?

The Passionate Torah: Sex and Judaism

It is also I think the first dealing A good lesson for our own epoch, suggests Waskow, with queer theory that I actually succeeded in under- having the last word except for the appendices in standing. And all this is done using a clear, thor- the volume. Cha- So, what do we have?

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We have a wonderful collec- peau! In her acknowledgment, Ruttenberg remarks ing of certain Talmudic texts that involve sexual de- that the time spent editing the book included many sire of men, generally rabbis, toward women. Laura hours on Israeli buses. Not being a theory-driven on Israeli roads.

It ends with a ten-page glossary, reader or deeply conversant in the works of any of the a list of contributors, a surprising and useful index three, I have to admit my difficulty in understanding of Jewish sources, and a subject index. All these and assessing this piece. Citation: Evyatar Marienberg.

Review of Ruttenberg, Danya, ed.

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H-Judaic, H-Net Reviews. January, Related Papers. By Geoffrey Claussen. Rubenstein, ed. By Daniel Boyarin.

Torah and Taboo

By noam zion. By Marjorie Lehman. Lorsque les juifs conceptualisent la menstruation". By Evyatar Marienberg. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account? If you already enjoy stretching your brain into the acrobatics of classical Kabbalah, this essay is for you.

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Rabbi Haviva Ner-David offers an interpretation of the traditional categories of tumah ritual impurity and taharah ritual purity , reflecting on how she relates to her own oscillation between the two states. This may not inspire me to take on the family-purity laws, but it offers me a new way of understanding them. The difference lies in intention. For Ruttenberg, selfhood, subjecthood and connection to the erotic and the divine trump the spiritual value of modesty, though ideally the two sets of values can come to coexist. Our understanding of Jewish sexuality needs to become as complex as the realities are.

And as our understanding evolves, we become aware of new questions to pose to the tradition.

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