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Read more. Food import substitution turns out to be extremely profitable.

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Things Russians save money on to get through the crisis. How some Russian oligarchs got unbelievably rich, in unbelievable ways.

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Why do foreign companies still invest in Russia? Accept cookies. Today, as in the past, the military budget, approved by appropriate organs of the state, indicates to a certain extent the defense effort of the nation. On the basis of the analysis below, it appears that, as a percentage of Gross National Product for the U. The national defense power and the military budget are indivisible.

Could Mikhail Gorbachev Have Saved the Soviet Union?

Therefore it is important to establish the size of the Soviet military budget as a first step in the discussion of the problems of disarmament and the possible reduction of the defense budget. However, the solution of this problem is difficult because the Soviet Union is a closed society and has drawn one of the tightest security screens in history around its military affairs and related technology and industry upon which its military power is based. The two paramount purposes of the obfuscation are, first, to sustain the Soviet propaganda front, such as the totally false claims of lowered military expenditures in recent years; and, second, to conceal the exact nature of their military build-up and the real size of the over-all military budget.

The curtailment of the published indicators concerning the Soviet military budget has taken place gradually. In the mids, Soviet military expenditures were divided into nine major groups, such as salaries, organizational and administrative expenses, clothing-subsistence costs, technical supply, cultural and educational expenses, finance of defense industry, etc.

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