Vergil in Averno (Vergil Magus, Book 2)

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There's a lot of dreams and prophecies and visions of things that haven't happened yet in the novel, or happened earlier, and reality as a whole seems very malleable. It's confusing. Maybe that's the point. I don't know. So I liked it, but not as much as the first book -- the first book was a little easier to follow -- and I will still read the third one, because why not? I still think a series about Vergil the magician is a nifty idea, so I'm still reading.

But I just wish there was a little more clarity here. Feb 20, Fantasy Literature rated it it was ok. Jan 17, Scott rated it it was amazing. Book 2 in the Virgil series. Avram Davidson's Virgil series had all the potential of Zelazny's Amber series, Or Steven Brust's Vlad series, in my opinion, but never really got traction. Virgil seems like a scientist, or a scholar, until you see his magical abilities. And, as he's willing to explore and experience different things, sometimes the descriptions are of altered states, which make it hard to follow, but well worth the trip.

If only he'd lived long enough to write more!

Vergil in Averno (Vergil Magus, book 2) by Avram Davidson

I didn't discove Book 2 in the Virgil series. I didn't discover him until after his death, and have spent time in used bookstores back when that was the way to find used books! Apr 12, egelantier rated it liked it Shelves: sf-f , male-protagonist.

Nov 14, Bruce rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: SF fans and those who love language. Davidson is acclaimed mainly as a short story writer, but he could excel at longer fiction, too. This is my favorite by him of what I've read.

Publisher's Summary

Wonderful and unique use of language, a splendidly realized setting, and a good story. Apr 30, Caleb Wilson rated it really liked it. Great odd fantasy. Davidson writes of Vergil using the Medieval impression of him, as a magus more than a poet.

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In fact Davidson's Rome actually the land around it is all seen through the misunderstandings of the Medieval period, though all written in his own unmistakeable voice. Good but drifts and can get too languid. Aug 28, Brendan McAuliffe rated it it was ok.

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Not as good as Phoenix and Mirror of course. Hard to read. More fun vocabulary. And fun stuff like ' the digit of infamy ' and ' the black weasel! Anish rated it liked it Sep 06, Robert rated it it was amazing Dec 10, James Chappell rated it liked it Oct 02, EA and NE rated it it was amazing Nov 03, J rated it did not like it Apr 21, Jason M rated it liked it Sep 08, John Shannon rated it liked it Sep 14, Sam rated it it was ok May 06, Breanne rated it really liked it Dec 13, Patricia A Meara rated it did not like it Jul 22, Matthew Maria Birkenhead The Ultimate Weapon John W.

Ultimatum Matthew Glass. The Ultimax Man Keith Laumer. Contains images. Adrian Cairoli.

Glen Duncan. Matthew Kressel. Ultra Spectrum John Russell Fearn Vargo Statten. The Ultra Violets Sophie Bell. The search, however, inadvertently opens the door to a monstrous alien race known as the Chulpex. Schuyler Miller, Analog , July Mutiny in Space The officers of the Persephone are marooned on a world of hostile Amazons. An exception is the outstanding Now Let Us Sleep Schuyler Miller, Analog , February Peregrine: Primus The exiled son of a pagan King wanders across Europe accompanied by an aging sorcerer and a page.

Together they encounter Roman legionnaires, dragons, Huns, heretics, and whores. The first book in the Peregrine series.

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Phoenix and the Mirror, The The poet-sorcerer Vergil sets out on a quest to find the materials necessary for the construction of a magical mirror. The first book in the Virgil Magus series. An exotic, far future tale, exquisitely crafted and set in the aftermath of the fall of the Karchee Realm. The second book in the Kar-Chee series. Vergil in Averno A medieval sorcerer accepts a challenge to restore the failing hot springs of the wealthy Italian community of Averno. The second book in the Vergil Magus series.

Vergil Magus

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